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Ben Price tiring of Coronation Street fight scenes

Coronation Street's Ben Price feels a bit "over" Christmas when it arrives, because they shoot festive scenes for the soap in October.

Coronation Street star Ben Price has to have rests between shooting his fight scenes on the soap.

The actor plays Nick Tilsley on the ITV show, with his character frequently involved in scuffles with Chris Gascoyne's Peter Barlow. But when it comes to filming the scenes, Ben admits his advancing years have started to take their toll.

"When it comes to the Nick and Peter fight scenes, we’re older now and not as fit as we once were!" he told Woman magazine.

"So it’ll be one blow, then a bit of a rest.”

Regardless of spreading out the fight, things can still go wrong while filming the punch-ups. However, Ben insists he and Chris have to "have a giggle about it" if they ever mess up.

"Chris reminded me the other day that once when we were filming Nick hitting Peter, I ended up hitting him properly!" he laughed. "Then he was meant to throw a plastic bottle at me, but forgot and threw the real one."

Nick and Peter's scuffles will become more frequent over the coming weeks, as Nick starts getting suspicious that Peter is secretly dating Leanne Battersby.

Ben has enjoyed huge success through his portrayal of Nick in the show. But when it comes to what aspects of real life Coronation Street has ruined for him, Christmas is at the top of the list.

"I'm not big on Christmas," he explained. "At Corrie, we film Christmas in October, so by the time it gets round to the real thing, you feel a bit over it and think, 'But now we're on to Valentine's Day!'"

The actor also has to spend a fair bit of time in his car, given that he lives in Bath but films Coronation Street in Manchester. However, he insisted in a recent interview with the Daily Express newspaper that he has learned to love these journeys.

And as he lives in Bath and travels to and from work in Manchester by car, he likes to listen to the radio en route.

"Filming for Coronation Street in Manchester and living in Bath means I spend a fair bit of time in the car as it’s a three-and-a-half-hour drive between Granada Studios and my home," he told the publication. "Not that I mind though, as I enjoy having time just driving by myself. In fact, as long as the traffic isn’t too bad it is actually a pleasure as I tune in to Radio 4 and catch up with the week’s current events."

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