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Beyonce deletes 'altered' photo

Beyonce has removed a picture of herself from her Tumblr page that fans had accused her of photoshopping.

The Drunk In Love singer had shared a photo of herself in a leotard emblazoned with the words: "99 problems but my a** ain't one", in reference to her husband Jay Z's hit.

But the photo has been taken down from her official page on the site just days after it was first posted, after she was accused of altering her thighs to look smaller.

She is standing in front of a curtain that appears distorted around her thigh area, while it hangs straight elsewhere in the picture.

One Twitter use wrote: " Damn it, Beyonce don't make a million on songs about feminism & the illusion of perfection then shop every GD photo."

In September, Beyonce was also accused of doctoring an image of herself when she posted a photo of her walking down the stairs on a yacht - but the steps were at different heights in the gap between her thighs than they were either side of her legs.


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