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Beyonce: Don't call girls bossy

Beyonce is leading a campaign to encourage girls to be leaders
Beyonce is leading a campaign to encourage girls to be leaders

Beyonce has helped to launch a celebrity campaign calling on the word "bossy" to be banned so that more girls will want to become leaders.

The Drunk In Love singer was joined by other famous faces including Jennifer Garner, Jane Lynch, Condoleezza Rice and Diane Von Furstenberg in a video encouraging girls into leadership.

In the advert, the stars discuss how they were often called bossy growing up and feel it was used to squash their confidence.

Beyonce claims that by middle school, "girls are less interested in leadership than boys", because they are worried about being labelled.

Jennifer adds: "Being labelled something matters."

After calls from the stars involved to ban the word bossy from being used to describe girls and young women, Beyonce ends the video by saying: " Be brave, be you. I'm not bossy, I'm the boss."

Last year, Beyonce took part in the Chime For Change concert and campaign to promote female empowerment and said at the time of her young daughter Blue Ivy: "I'm telling my daughter every day 'you know you can be president, you know it's possible' and I know she has no idea why I'm saying that.

"At one year old 'I'm like you know you can be president'."


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