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Beyonce dresses down as she celebrates twins pregnancy

Beyonce has shared a selection of pictures of herself in various states of undress showcasing her baby bump after revealing she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins.

Along with the artistic array of images shared on her official website, the singer uploaded a collection of quotes written by British-Somali poet Warsan Shire to give her fans an insight into her feelings about her pregnancy.

Beyonce, 35, entitled the extensive post: "I have three hearts."

The Single Ladies hit-maker posed nude in some of the images, recreating the Birth Of Venus painting by Botticelli, while other new photos saw her swimming underwater in swathes of fabric.

Beyonce unveiled family pictures of herself with Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy at various stages of the youngster's childhood, and also images from when the singer was pregnant with her daughter in 2011.

One of the quotes by Shire, whose poetry was included in Beyonce's 2016 film Lemonade, read: "Venus has flooded me, second planet from the sun, I wake up on her foamy shore. she wants to take me to meet my children.

"I've done this before I'm still nervous."

Another part of the post read: "I'm watching life inside me grow; there's life growing inside of me and I'm beside myself with dreams.

"Was it your voice I heard? You speak to me from inside me, I have three hearts."

Beyonce announced her pregnancy on Wednesday with a picture shared on Instagram and it proved so popular it shattered the record previously set by Selena Gomez by racking up over seven million likes in less than 12 hours.


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