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Beyonce’s photograph of herself becomes viral sensation

The singer shared a batch of pictures on her Instagram account and one in particular has thrilled fans.

A photograph of Beyonce speaking to a waitress at a restaurant has taken the internet by storm.

The Lemonade singer shared  a host of pictures with her 100 million Instagram followers from a night out at a restaurant with a group of friends, which included her husband, music mogul Jay Z.

The group of pictures shared by Beyonce, who is pregnant with twins, included her posing in a full-length body-fitting red dress showing off her baby bump, and a picture of her talking to someone at the restaurant, appearing to point out something on a menu or bill.

So far her post has received around 1.8 million likes and more than 12,000 comments, and her fans have taken to social media to create memes and write captions about what they think she could be saying to the person at the restaurant.

Her fans did not miss a trick to wonder about she could be saying… 

Getting to the point:

Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, also got a mention: 

Because when you’re Beyonce the world is pretty much at your feet… 

And last but not least, there was of course a reference to her sixth and latest album, Lemonade…

The singer announced this week that she is offering four scholarships to female students to mark the one-year anniversary of the album.


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