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BGT changed my image, says Holden

Amanda Holden has said being a judge on Britain's Got Talent has transformed her public image from "a minxy husband stealer" to a "vulnerable" mother.

The star, whose marriage to Les Dennis ended in 2002 after her affair with Neil Morrissey hit the headlines, said she could still remember the day she was offered the job on the show's first series.

She said: " It doesn't feel like I've done every year. When people say this is your eighth year, I question it all the time, but then I remember absolutely the day that I got the job and I was literally stirring soup and Lexi had just turned one.

"I had no idea what it would turn into, Simon completely undersold it. I think he was covering his back. He said it was just a tester show, and he wanted it to work but he wasn't sure if it was going to.

"Now it's the thing that people remember me for, and obviously that's great, I'm not knocking that, but I think people sometimes forget I was an actress."

Amanda, who starred in shows including Cutting It and Wild At Heart, said: " It felt odd, frightening and good to go from acting to being myself.

"It took a long time for me to drop that image after having an affair when I was married to Les. I think people always had me down as a 'minxy' husband stealer.

"On Britain's Got Talent I was able to be vulnerable, and I was a mummy and I was able to show people who I am now. Simon always says to me 'You have me to thank for people liking you'. He's so modest."


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