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BGT opera duo: Our lives changed

Jonathan and Charlotte have said that they wouldn't change their Britain's Got Talent experience for anything.

The classical-crossover pair, who finished as runner-up to dancing dog duo Ashleigh and Pudsey, were offered a one million pound record contract by judge Simon Cowell, and their debut album Together hit the Top Ten.

"It changed our lives completely. When we came out of the competition, we got the best record deal we could ever ask for and much more than that so it just shows you don't have to win the competition get out of it what you want," said soprano Charlotte Jaconelli.

With auditions for the 2013 series starting on October 16, Charlotte and her tenor singing sidekick Jonathan Antoine would encourage anyone who wants to enter Britain's Got Talent.

"It was the best experience. I'd say to people, just audition and see what comes out of it - do what you want to do and have fun with it," Jonathan said.

Charlotte added: "It's really important to have fun and just go for it. We were picked out of the other people in our class, so it really makes you mature as a person."

The Britain's Got Talent open auditions will take place in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester and Sheffield. To apply, visit


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