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Big Brother star Orlaith had mattress filler in breast implants

Big Brother contestant and model Orlaith McAllister that she has ditched her controversial PIP breast implants for what she calls her “newbies”.

The 33-year-old from Belfast, famed for dubbing her breasts her “babies” during the reality show, was terrified when she learned the French made silicone in her implants were filled with industrial grade filler used for mattresses.

“I remember sitting in my mum’s kitchen and I’d heard about the PIPs and I said ‘I have them’,” Orlaith said in the Sun. “I have had the tiredness and the back pain but I just put it down to have two kids.”

Orlaith said her family tried to discourage her from having them replaced with more implants. “I decided to have them done smaller. I wanted a kind of tear drop shape, back to the size of my first implants when I was 24. I love them - I call them my newbies.”

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