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Big Brother star Sam Pepper's 'killing best friend' YouTube 'prank' sparks outrage

YouTuber Sam Pepper has drawn heavy criticism for his latest prank in which a young friend is led to believe his best friend has been murdered in front of him.

Colby Brock is travelling in a car with his friend Sam Golbach when the car stalls and they get out to see what's up.

A masked man covers Sam's head with a bag, tapes up his hands and legs (with the help of Colby, who Sam can't see) and puts him in the boot of the car.

The video cuts to 20 minutes later and both boys are taped to chairs on what looks like a rooftop.  The masked man then 'shoots' Colby in the head and the teen is seen to be massively distraught, believing his best friend has been murdered.

Colby then gets up and tells him it was just a prank.

Perhaps pre-empting a negative response to the video, all three appear on the video at the end to assure everyone everything is okay and Sam Golbach took to Twitter to defend the stunt.

However, the backlash has been huge, with critics branding it "sick".

"Man that guy couldn't have chosen a better time to make a HOSTAGE murder prank with what's been happening a lot recently... :/" wrote one commenter.

Irish YouTuber Cian Twomey also Tweeted his disgust at the stunt, "I never give out about other creators. But this is the most sick and cruel thing ever. F**k Sam Pepper. Not a prank".

Video below.  Warning - some people may find the content upsetting.

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