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Big finale to Corrie bad boys' feud

Coronation Street is going gritty for a showdown between sworn enemies David Platt and Callum Logan.

The two men have been at each other's throats since Callum (Sean Ward), the ex of David's (Jack P Shepherd) wife Kylie and father of her son Max, arrived on the cobbles intent on causing trouble.

With Kylie missing and Callum deciding he wants to be a part of his son's life to wind up David, things have been escalating between the pair for a while - but it comes to a head after David hatches a plan to plant drugs in Callum's car. Only his scheme backfires.

The ITV soap has filmed a violent encounter between the pair after Callum kidnaps David and takes him to a warehouse.

Speaking from behind the scenes while filming, Ward said: "Welcome to Callum's warehouse. Things are getting serious. We're on location and it kind of feels like we're filming Reservoir Dogs."

He explained: "He's bundled (David) into the back of a boot, driven him over many speed bumps at fast pace, we've arrived into this warehouse and things are going to get a bit serious. It's time for David to know that Callum's not messing about."

Shepherd joked: "There's a shot where David's chained to a sort of plate and Callum's got a laser - I don't know where they've got it from, some film - and he's got this cat and he's stroking it. It's a good ep - you should watch it."

The actors said the episode would mark the scariest part to their characters' feud yet, with Ward warning: "Callum's always been on the border of nice and bad, but this is it. This is Callum's bad side."

Shepherd added, "It's the big climax to a huge feud between David and Callum," and Sean agreed, "It's going to go right off."


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