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Bill Turnbull says move north great

Bill Turnbull reckons the BBC's move north has been great for his morning news programme, Breakfast.

The presenter works on one of the shows the BBC decided to move to Media City in Salford, but despite some criticisms of the shake up, Bill believes it was a good plan.

He said: "For Breakfast it's been a great success. A lot of people were expecting it to fail but it hasn't at all.

"If you watch the show you wouldn't know that it was coming from somewhere different. The audience has held steady and improved on occasions and we have a very happy team. And the building we work in is the best I've had in 35 years."

Moving north has also been a good move for his family: "The Peaks are a really beautiful part of the country and people have been very welcoming towards us.

"Even when it's raining, it's beautiful here and there are some good breweries down the hills from us. Our Labradors used to be a bit shy of getting in the car but now they love it, because they know they're going to get up to the hills."

Bill, a keen beekeeper who will be fronting a Horizon show on the subject in August, said: "People always ask about my bees. More than anything else I do, people want to know how my bees are."

:: Horizon: What's Killing Our Bees? is on BBC Two on Friday, August 2.


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