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Billy Bob Thornton: 'Being sick cost me getting laid'

Billy Bob Thornton is terrified of Komodo dragons and stand-up comedy.

Billy Bob Thornton once threw up underwater after being too intoxicated to "get laid".

The Hollywood heavyweight took part in a humorous Q&A titled How Much Is a Pint of Milk? for Empire magazine, in which he was quizzed on the strangest place he’s ever been sick.

"Underwater," admitted Billy Bob. "I was on a houseboat with some friends as a teenager. We were with these girls and I thought I was going to get laid but got so drunk and I couldn't perform. I was lying on my stomach and just started throwing up over the dock. I remember my head going under the water. When I threw up, I sucked water up and things for even worse."

He added that upon returning to the girls he was sober enough to "do it", but had ruined his chances due to having wet hair and "puke all over him".

The Bad Santa 2 star was also asked to reveal what scares him, to which he responded Komodo dragons and the idea of doing stand-up comedy.

"I have some stand-up comic friends," the 61-year-old shared. "It would scare me to do it, but it also scares me for them because they are looking for a specific result immediately - laughter. If people don't laugh, it gets very uncomfortable."

The Fargo star reasoned that while he's unlikely to run into the reptiles in Beverly Hills and no one will ever force him into standing on a stage cracking jokes, both are still enough to terrify him.

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