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Bionic toddler steals show from ITV's Alastair Stewart on Lunchtime News

ITV's Alastair Stewart discovered exactly why they say never work with children or animals during the Lunchtime News on Thursday.

The news anchor was interviewing parents Ben and Kate Ryan about a fully-functioning bionic arm that Mr Ryan had created for his toddler son Sol - but the little boy found exploring the TV studio just too tempting.

Stewart said: "My next guest is not entirely happy.

"He's been running around and we can understand it.

"He's a little lad and it takes a bit of time."

Sol's arm was amputated shortly after birth when doctors discovered a blood clot.

As dad Mr Ryan tried to explain his amazing invention using an X-Box and 3D printer, Sol burned off some energy by running around the set and screaming with laughter.

Mr Ryan talked about using his X-Box equipment at home while Sol slept and said: "As you can see it's very difficult to keep Sol still, and the scanning equipment in universities is very expensive and requires keeping still."

As Sol shouted out and wriggled on his tummy, Stewart said: "I think that's called giving Sol the last word."


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