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Bird: My Friday Night injuries

Simon Bird has told how he and his on-screen brother "hurt each other quite regularly" while filming the new series of Friday Night Dinner.

The actor, whose brother Jonny is played by Tom Rosenthal in the Channel 4 show, admitted to The Sun: "When I hurt Tom, he would get me back on the next take."

Simon, who plays Adam in the sitcom, said that the co-stars wanted to make their physical spats "look real", but revealed their bosses had to halt filming when they injured one another.

Simon told the newspaper that Tom suffered a torn ligament in the knee, which happened when "I jumped on him" in the sitcom, which also stars Tamsin Greig

But the actor, who played Will McKenzie in The Inbetweeners, said that the altercations were called for in the script, adding: "I wasn't doing these things off my own back."


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