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Blue Peter presenter's polar trek

Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton has completed her gruelling 500 mile expedition across Antarctica for Sport Relief.

The 28-year-old arrived at the South Pole at 10.40pm last night British time, a spokeswoman said.

During her 18-day adventure, she became the first person to use a bike as part of an expedition to the Pole.

She also travelled by ski and kite as she battled with severe snowstorms, temperatures as low as -48 degrees Celsius, numerous blisters, a hacking cough, stomach troubles and a bad bout of dehydration.

On arrival at the Pole, she celebrated by staking her flag in the frozen ground to mark the end of her journey.

She said: "This has been a massive adventure and at times it felt like it was never going to end.

"My body hurts in so many different places, mentally I'm exhausted and I've only washed once in the last 30 days, so to be finally standing at the Pole feels incredible.

"I've seen how Sport Relief money makes a big difference and that's why I can't complain about any part of this because it's nothing compared to what some people go through every day of their lives."

During her challenge Skelton set a new Guinness World Records title for the Fastest 100km by kite ski.

She covered 100km across Antarctica by kite assisted ski in just seven hours and 28 minutes.


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