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Bob Geldof heckled as he campaigns against Zac Goldsmith


Sarah Olney is standing for the Liberal Democrats

Sarah Olney is standing for the Liberal Democrats

Sarah Olney is standing for the Liberal Democrats

Singer Bob Geldof suggested that Leave supporters appear to be on "crystal meth" as he backed the Liberal Democrats ahead of a parliamentary by-election.

The Boomtown Rats frontman also launched a savage attack on old friend Zac Goldsmith when he took to the streets to campaign against the former Tory.

Geldof insisted the vote on Thursday is the start of a "fightback" following the vote to quit the European Union.

But during the walkabout in Richmond he was confronted by an angry resident who claimed he knew "nothing".

Geldof, who clashed with Ukip's Nigel Farage during a bizarre confrontation on the river Thames during the referendum campaign, said he respected the verdict returned by voters on June 23 but argued Remain supporters must be heard.

"We lost the battle but really the war hasn't begun," he said.

Geldof joined Sarah Olney, the Lib Dem candidate in the Richmond Park by-election, to drum up support.

Attacking Mr Goldsmith, who triggered the vote in protest over Heathrow expansion, he chanted "Zac is crap".

Mr Goldsmith failed to stop plans for a third runway and ran an "appalling" racially divisive mayoral campaign, he said.

But the rock star said he hoped the pair could remain friends.

The campaigner said the plummeting pound and higher food prices showed Brexit was already a disaster.

"It's like all these Brexiteers are on crystal meth or something," he added.

Alastair Rosenschein, a retired airline pilot who is opposed to Heathrow expansion, clashed with the singer.

He told him: "Bob Geldof you do not understand. You don't understand the facts about Heathrow, you simply don't."