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Borgen's Kasper not a good dad

Borgen star Pilou Asbaek has revealed he thinks his character Kasper Juul will be a "bad" father in the third series of the Danish political drama.

The series, which is broadcast on BBC4 in the UK, is set in Denmark at a time when the country elects its first female Prime Minister, Birigitte Nyborg.

Series two of Borgen recently came to an end in the UK and viewers saw Pilou's character, the communications officer to the Prime Minister, find out he was about to become a parent.

Despite being reluctant to give too much away about the series, the actor admitted he thinks his character Kasper will not respond well to having a child, simply saying he will be a "bad" parent.

Creators of Borgen have already stated the third series will be the last, although viewers here will have to wait until at least the end of the year to find out how the political drama ends.

Being equally mysterious about plot spoilers, Pilou said: "The third season is good. The story is turned upside down, all is new but still the same old."

Borgen is one of a few Danish dramas that have captured the attention of critics and audiences in the UK, along with The Killing and The Bridge.

Pilou credits much of the programme's success to the fact it allows viewers to see the person behind the public persona that politicians create, something he can relate to in his own life.

"I think it's because we get the opportunity to go behind a politician and actually meet the person who is struggling, while she's trying to be as good as she can be. We can all relate to that."

"I try to be as good an actor I can be but still have to wake up at night with my baby girl and put on a new diaper."


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