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Bowen 'wants bad Modern Family ep'

Julie Bowen has joked that they need a bad episode of Modern Family as there's so much pressure to keep it good.

The Emmy award-winning comedy is currently mid-way through its second series on Sky1 and has received praise from all parts.

Julie, who plays put-upon mother Claire Dunphy in the show, joked: "Part of me wishes the writers would just get it over with and just write a terrible episode."

She went on: "It's awful, we're going to do it, you're going to perform terribly, we're going to put it out there, the critics will hate it and then we'll move on because they keep doing it.

"Every week we get amazing script after amazing script and we go to work and have the best time. It's quite astounding, I am waiting for it to all go wrong and it just hasn't."

But the actress added that she thinks she's "in a little bit of denial" about the success of the show, saying: "I think also because I'm married, I live with a bunch of kids, I don't go out a lot or feel like I'm in that Hollywood swirl. Usually I'm at the park and wiping runny noses, but at the park I do get a very positive reaction!"


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