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Brady proud of Olympic Stadium deal

Businesswoman and TV personality Karren Brady has said clinching the 2012 Olympic Stadium for West Ham United has been her biggest achievement.

Baroness Brady, vice-chairman of West Ham, has also said she could be "world champion" at Sudoku and said if she could go back in time she would retake her maternity leave.

Asked what has been her biggest achievement, The Apprentice star told the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine: "Winning the 2012 Olympic stadium as the new venue for West Ham United.

"It was legally very challenging and I negotiated every line of the contract myself.

"There are lots of beautiful stadiums but only one Olympic stadium and it was life-changing."

Asked where she would go if she could go back in time, Lady Brady said she would retake her maternity leave.

She said when she had her daughter in 1996 the concept of work/life balance "did not exist", adding: "I had her on the Friday and I was back at work on the Monday. I regret missing those precious months."

Lady Brady told the magazine she is "wonderful" at Sudoku, and said: "There isn't one I can't do. I could be world champion."

She said her dream dinner would be with Hillary Clinton and said she is "excited" that Mrs Clinton is going to run for US president.


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