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Brand backing for school library

Russell Brand has praised the power of libraries and revealed he has helped pay to set one up in his old school.

The comic and actor, who is the author of several memoirs, a children's book and a political tract, gave the Reading Agency's annual lecture in central London.

Speaking beforehand, he said the library in his old home town of Grays in Essex was a "potential alchemical hub" and said it was "b****y ridiculous" that his former school in the same town did not have a library.

He said: "It just seems like it would be a basic requirement."

Brand said he was putting "some money" towards it and getting backing from his publishers as well to supply the school library with books.

He also revealed he was regularly approached in the street by strangers who gave him books.

He said: "It's not the same as being given a bar of chocolate. There is a sanctity to it, It means something to them, It's an indication of what they feel about me."


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