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Brand plans move behind the lens

Russell Brand wants to move into directing.

The star, who is about to appear in the title role in Arthur, a re-imagining of the 1981 Dudley Moore classic, has become an A-List Hollywood star.

But he said he had his eye on moving behind the camera, in two more films he's developing because "they're both comedy vehicles and I really want to direct them because I think it's a good way, as a comedian, to showcase what you do".

One of the films is "about an English footballer stranded in Texas having to teach at a Texan high school where no-one cares about soccer", and the other, set to be produced by Adam Sandler, is about a conman who poses as a priest.

The comedian said of his role in Arthur: "I'm a massive Dudley Moore fan. I really love him. I'm a huge fan of Arthur, so it was an incredible honour and very, very exciting because it was the film that made Dudley Moore a movie star."


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