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Brandon and Barber not Stepping in

Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber are refusing to let cameras into their home for new ITV reality show Stepping Out.

The Dempsey And Makepeace stars, who are married in real life, are among the celebrity couples competing in the new dance show, but they refused to be filmed practising at home.

Glynis, who played Glenda Mitchell in EastEnders, told The Sun: "We didn't have the cameras in the home, that was a step too far for us. But they were still with us a lot and I found that quite hard.

"Home was out of bounds. I don't think we would have done the show if they had insisted. I don't know how anyone does Big Brother - I just don't know how they cope."

The 57-year-old actress revealed her American actor husband refused to rehearse at home anyway.

She admitted: "We're meant to go home and rehearse, which we don't, because Michael won't, at all."

Glynis admitted Michael, 68, was not the most conventional dancer.

She revealed: "It's a very unique method of dancing, because he's informed us all that he ignores the music, and he can't actually listen to music and dance at the same time. And he doesn't get the counting to eight, he doesn't see the point. He says, 'I don't see why I can't go to 9 or 12, or 24!'

"He likes sounds, so instead of counting, he goes 'bing, bang, bung!' But it's really weird, because he gets there in the end, and we don't know how."

Michael quipped: "One might say I'm a natural!"


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