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Brandy: Career won't help on DWTS

Brandy wants Dancing With The Stars fans to know she hasn't got any advantage over the rest of this year's line-up.

The R&B singer insists she may have busted some moves for the odd pop video, but that won't help her in the ballroom.

"It's nothing compared [to Dancing With The Stars]," she explained in a break from rehearsing in LA.

"I've imitated a lot of the choreography that I've learned in the past, but it's nothing like what I'm learning on this show," she claimed.

Brandy added: "You really have to look good from all angles."

The Boy Is Mine singer says she's hoping the show will introduce her music to a global audience.

"You have to consider that Dancing With The Stars is so big and so many people watch," she explained. "I have other things that I want to do, like my own television show and the album, so all that factors in - this could be great for that."

Brandy says she's excited about performing the sexier Latin dances.

"I'm looking forward to the salsa. I learned the basics today and I love it. I want to be able to move with my hips - it's going to be great," she laughed.

:: Dancing With The Stars airs exclusively on Watch on Thursday, September 23, at 9pm.


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