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Breaking Bad tops TV porky pie poll

Breaking Bad has topped a poll of shows people have fibbed about watching.

According to a poll for, almost half of us (42%) have pretended that we have seen a programme when we haven't.

And it was Netflix drama Breaking Bad - starring Bryan Cranston as a chemistry teacher turned drug dealer - which sparked the most deceit with 13% lying that they had seen it.

Fantasy drama Game Of Thrones, which airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic, was second on the list with 11%.

Sherlock (6%), Doctor Who (6%) and Lost (5%) completed the top five.

Orange Is The New Black, The Sopranos and Mad Men were also among the series people said that they had watched when they hadn't. editor Tim Glanfield said: "As a nation, we love talking about TV almost as much as we love watching it but with so many channels, plus on-demand options, keeping up to date with it all can be tough. It's no wonder that from time to time some of us feel the pressure to bend the truth a little bit.

"Breaking Bad is a universally acclaimed show, filled with twists, turns, shocks and great performances - not having seen it is a crime any self-respecting viewer would certainly want to cover up."

Top five shows people lie most about watching ( 1,500 readers polled):

Breaking Bad (13.2%)

Game of Thrones (11.7%)

Sherlock (6.7%)

Doctor Who (6.5%)

Lost (5.5%)


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