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Brendan Cole: Strictly is tough

Brendan Cole has said there was an upside to not getting to the final stages of the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing - finally having a rest.

The New Zealand-born professional dancer and his celebrity partner Victoria Pendleton exited the BBC One show midway through.

Brendan, 36, said of not winning: "It was bitter-sweet. Strictly is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever do as an entertainer.

"You work ridiculous hours, seven-day weeks from August until the end of the year, and you are absolutely kn*****ed.

"It's pretty much relentless. So on one hand, I was glad of the sleep, but on the other hand, I was sad."

Brendan, who became a first-time father on Christmas Day, said: "I think there was a little lack of danceability in my partnership with Vicky.

"She wasn't the best dancer in the world and I think maybe it was a bit too soon for her to get involved with Strictly after her big year. I think she needed a break."

The dancer, who has a new stage show, Licence To Thrill, said dancing with so many glamorous women never gave his wife Zoe cause for concern.

"She's an extremely beautiful woman so she doesn't worry too much," he said. "She knows she can trust her other half."

:: Brendan Cole's Licence To Thrill tour begins in Aylesbury on Sunday, January 20. For details and tickets, see


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