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Brian Austin Green: 'My son isn't harming anyone by wearing a dress'

Megan Fox also previously insisted she doesn't determine what her boys wear.

Brian Austin Green has defended his four-year-old son for wearing dresses, insisting he "isn't harming anyone" by doing so.

The 44-year-old actor is father of three young sons with wife Megan Fox. The couple's eldest son Noah has something of a penchant for wearing dresses and wigs, with the Hollywood stars attracting criticism online for letting their boy dress in that manner. However, during an interview on the Hollywood Pipeline YouTube channel, Brian insisted he really "doesn't care" about the negative remarks.

"I've heard from some people that they don't agree with him wearing dresses. To them I say, I don't care," the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star insisted. "He's four and if he wants to wear it, then he wears it.

"I feel like at four or five, that's the time he should be having fun. He's not harming anyone by wearing a dress. If he wants to, awesome. Good on him."

Brian's comments come after Megan previously revealed she has no restrictions on her boys, including three-year-old Bodhi and 13-month-old Journey, when it comes to how they dress.

"The boys can wear dresses. Noah wears dresses so there are no rules - you can be whatever you want to be in my house!" she laughed during an interview with U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Megan and Brian do their best to maintain a private lifestyle as much as possible, despite their celebrity status. And Brian added during the Hollywood Pipeline interview that they have learned how to manage the paparazzi over their years in the spotlight.

"You tell them you're going to be somewhere. They take five minutes taking pictures and then they leave you alone," he explained.

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