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Britain's Got Talent final set to be most-watched TV show since start of year

The final of Britain's Got Talent is likely to be the most-watched TV show of the year so far.

The current series has pulled in regular audiences of over 10 million, with one edition attracting almost 12.5 million viewers.

Tonight's final should beat this number, but only when the full ratings have been calculated - a process that takes a week to complete.

Last year's final of Britain's Got Talent had official ratings of 12.75 million.

The provisional overnight figure was 11.7 million.

ITV bosses will be hoping to beat both of these numbers this year.

The overnight figure for the 2016 final should be published around 10am on Sunday.

The record for the highest ever audience for a Britain's Got Talent final was set in 2009, when 16.4 million tuned in for the main show and 18.3 million watched the separate results programme.

So far in 2016 Britain's Got Talent has done well enough in the official ratings to take half of the places in the year's top 10 most-watched programmes, including the number one spot.

The other five positions are filled with BBC1 shows: Sherlock and Call The Midwife.

Britain's Got Talent may enjoy only a couple more months at the top of the chart, however.

If the pattern of last year is repeated, the BBC's Great British Bake Off will take the top spot when it returns in the summer.


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