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Broderick gets back-up from twins

Matthew Broderick has revealed his twin daughters are learning to adjust to his back injury along with him.

The Producers star - who is recovering after back surgery ahead of appearing in Broadway musical Nice Work If You Can Get It - told People two-year-old Tabitha and Loretta want to know why their dad can't join in their games.

Matthew said: "I'm not allowed to pick them up for a while and it's hard to explain.

"But they're pretty good about it. They got it very quickly. I keep telling them, 'I'll be back...'"

But the 49-year-old actor - who also has an eight-year-old son James Wilkie with wife Sarah Jessica Parker - is able to enjoy chatting to his daughters as they are learning to speak.

He said: "They are into talking, saying every new word. They repeat everything a lot of times. Their 'R's and 'L's are not so good, but that will come."

Meanwhile, James is busy at sports camp, but Matthew revealed his son is more into playing spinning tops than taking part in the activities on offer.

Matthew revealed: "He likes to take tennis in sports camp.

"There is a girl and on the tennis court they actually just take out their Beyblades and play... they don't give a damn about tennis."


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