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Brody back on Homeland's new set

Damian Lewis has been spotted on the South African set of the new series of Homeland.

The actor's character Nicholas Brody was killed off in the last series when he was publicly executed with CIA lover Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) looking on, but it seems the scene wasn't his last appearance in the terrorism thriller series.

According to Mail Online, Damian was seen leaving a trailer on set which has been taken to Cape Town, South Africa for this series, leading to speculation that either Brody escaped death, or that he could be appearing in flashbacks.

A recently released trailer for the fourth series of the drama shows a framed photo of Carrie with her and Brody's baby, who she was pregnant with at the end of series three.

She is seen telling her sister that she must travel back to the Middle East to work in the field for the CIA, while colleague Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is seen breaking down over his own role as a government hit man, saying: "I just want out. I'm done."

Homeland series four is due to return to US TV on October 5 and a UK air date on Channel 4 is expected to follow soon after.


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