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Brooker: Huq's dark sense of humour

Charlie Brooker has said his wife, former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, has a surprisingly dark sense of humour and often contributes to Weekly Wipe.

The creator and presenter of the TV satire show said people may not expect it of his wife because of her presenting background, but that she was often behind some of the jokes featured.

He said: "I'll be watching footage at home, and she'll chip in with thoughts and observations - they often end up in episodes.

"I think she's got a darker sense of humour than people probably realise, and weirder."

Charlie added that many viewers had been surprised by just how dark his most recent episode of Black Mirror, White Christmas, was because it had been billed as a Christmas special.

He explained: "I suppose it threw people, because it was kind of a horror movie, and it wasn't necessarily flagged as one. I think a lot of people were like, 'Oh my God, how horrible!'."

:: Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe returns to BBC Two on January 29.


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