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Brooker: I'm more angry as a dad

Charlie Brooker has insisted becoming a father has made him even more angry.

The infamously disgruntled comedian and TV presenter and his wife Konnie Huq welcomed their first child, son Covey, in March, but Charlie dismissed the suggestion that parenthood could soften people up.

Charlie ranted: "If anything the combination of sleep deprivation and around the clock stress makes me more angry.

"And also things mean more when you're a father. Suddenly I've got to cart this little kid through the world, and if the world's in a bad state it makes you more angry."

The 41-year-old screenwriter - whose presenter wife Konnie has said she wants two more children - admitted he was enjoying being a dad.

He said: "It's not bad. Everyone says it's going to ruin your life, don't they? But I never did anything social before anyway, so it's made very little difference to me."


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