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Brown 'grew out of' urge to impress

Derren Brown has admitted he doesn't feel the urge to "impress people" as much as he used to.

The illusionist, 42, revealed he recently felt the need to make his programmes less about him.

He said: "I think the earlier shows were very much, 'Oh hey, look at me', which came from a desire to impress people.

"But as I grew out of that urge, the shows have been more about the people participating."

And so for his latest project, The Great Art Robbery, Derren decided to gather members of the public and train them to steal a valuable piece of art - right from under the nose of renowned art dealer, Ivan Massow. But the would-be thieves he chose were not just any people - they were all old-age pensioners.

The star has previously told how he was inspired to do so after realising that the older generation had become invisible.

And Derren said he he learnt a lot from the silver-haired bunch. "They were all social, open and friendly. It made me wonder what things I need to have in place now, so I'm not regretful or bitter when I'm that age," he said.

He revealed The Great Art Robbery is less about banishing beliefs, and more about creating new ones - the belief that the older generation is just as interesting and worthy of our time as everyone else.

"It's not something that's going to change overnight," he said. "But I hope this will be something that affects a couple of people."

:: The Great Art Robbery airs on Channel 4 on Friday, December 13.


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