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Bruno Tonioli wants 'evil' role

Bruno Tonioli wants to play a baddie.

The Strictly Come Dancing judge, who coaches Gary Lineker in the new Walkers advert, wants to show fans his darker side - and play a villain if there was ever an advert for an Italian-inspired flavour of crisps in his name.

"We could do an Italian flavoured crisp, with basil and oregano, and shoot it in Sicily for a Francis Ford Coppola-type setting, in Palermo like The Godfather - I always wanted to play evil, so it could be like a gangster movie and I could be the Mafioso," he said.

"I could be smuggling Italian herb flavour crisps, and then I catch Gary at them," he added.

Despite his dance background, Bruno admits he likes to dip into a bag of ready salted crisps at times.

"I do eat crisps, there's nothing wrong with it. I do have my occasional packet of ready salted crisps with a glass of wine, I love it," he said.

"Obviously if you eat nothing but crisps all day, you're stupid. It's like the occasional bar of chocolate. I have it once in a while but I'm not stuffing my face with it. There are things you know you can have in moderation, and you have to eat well overall."

He added: "I hate people who get hysterical over these issues. A little guilty pleasure is sometimes good for you."

:: Bruno Tonioli choreographed Gary Lineker's energetic dance routine in the new Walkers Rainy Days advert, airing from October 1. For more info and to win £10 every day it rains, go to


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