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Bryce Dallas Howard knocked Robert Redford over on Pete's Dragon set

The star was embarrassed by her over excitement.

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard knocked Robert Redford over like a "cannonball" the first time they met on the set of Pete's Dragon.

The Jurassic World star, 35, reveals the enormity of working with the 79-year-old screen legend only hit her midway through filming their first scene together as father and daughter.

"I hadn't met him yet, and we were shooting," she recalled to "It was a scene where we were both supposed to run toward each other.

"As I started running toward him, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is Robert Redford,' and I got really excited. I started picking up speed."

Bryce was going at such a high speed, she struggled to stop, and ended up crashing into Redford, much to her horror.

"I just barrelled into him," she laughed. "And he just took it like a champ. After they yelled cut he said, 'You just came at me like a cannonball!'"

Pete's Dragon, a remake of the 1977 children's classic, stars Bryce as forest ranger Grace Meacham, who finds orphan Pete, a boy who has been living in the woods for six years with a dragon named Elliott.

Grace, alongside her dad, tries to discover Pete's real identity and stop Elliott from being captured.

One memorable scene features Bryce riding the dragon, and even though the beast was created with computer-generated imagery, even the actress was thrilled with the finished sequence.

"When I got to ride on the back of Elliott, I was screaming, 'I'm in my mid-30s and I'm riding on the back of a dragon!'," she confessed during a recent London screening, according to

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