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Brydon becomes Bruce in radio call

Radio 2 listeners could be forgiven for thinking presenter Ken Bruce was talking to himself when impressionist Rob Brydon called his show in character to celebrate a milestone for the mid-morning host.

Bruce, 64, was celebrating 30 years at the station, having begun in 1985 as the breakfast show presenter.

Brydon has previously left fans of the show a little baffled by pretending to be the presenter for an April Fool's Day gag four years ago which left some wondering whether Ken was drunk or having an on-air breakdown.

The comic actor was a guest caller during this morning's programme, wishing Bruce well with another uncanny impersonation.

After listening to Brydon mumbling in character, Bruce responded: "As I've said before, nothing like me. Nothing like me at all."

His soundalike went on: "Ken, can I say, from the heart of my bottom, and it's quite a bottomless heart, how much myself and all the other listeners - yes, both of them - congratulate you on this fine achievement."

Bruce was also presented with a cake for his achievement.

Afterwards he said: "It doesn't seem like 30 years, or even 30 months, but I still love coming in to Radio 2 every day - playing great music and getting such witty and amusing responses from the listeners. So I might just carry on doing it for a while to come."


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