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Budding actress Tait gets a taste for barista's top cat cartoon art creations

By Cate McCurry

From Puss in Boots to Garfield and Felix, world-famous felines have been carefully crafted in coffee by a Ballyclare barista for a nine-year-old's upcoming appearance in Cats, the musical.

The 'latte art', as it's known, was created by Anthony Gillen for a talented and loyal young customer who returned every week for five months to find a new cartoon cat on top of her hot chocolate.

Tait Brennan, who was recently cast as Tantomile, one of the main roles in Cats, happened to mention her dream role to the barista who works for Brown's Coffee Company.

A short time later, the Ballynure Primary School pupil was handed a mug of her favourite drink with a cat depicted on top. And, some 19 weeks later, he has created 19 different styles of famous cats from books, movies and musicals. Among the many creamy creations have been Top Cat, Puss in Boots, The Cat in The Hat, Tom from Tom and Jerry, Shere Khan from Jungle Book, Simba from the Lion King, Tigger, Garfield and silent film star Felix.

Tait's mother, Dawn Addley-Brennan, said an everyday conversation has snowballed into a challenge for the young, creative barista.

"She was so delighted when she saw the cat for the first time and she kept asking me if we could go back again.

"And then when we did, he remembered her - and next thing there was a different cat on top of her drink," she added.

"It's really good artwork and some of them have been very elaborate. I think he's exhausted now thinking of all the different cats - I really don't know who is left!

"The show is on this weekend and Tuesday [tomorrow] will be the last time he will create a cat so we are all wandering what it will be.

"Everyone has been waiting to see what will be coming next.

"It really caught Tait's imagination and her favourite was Garfield.

"Getting that role in the Cats production is a dream come true for her. She's been a member of the performing arts for two years and always wanted to take part in that production."

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