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Burton annoyed by Helena's research

Tim Burton has confessed Helena Bonham Carter's preparation to play Elizabeth Taylor is starting to get on his nerves.

The King's Speech actress is to play the famous Hollywood starlet in a BBC film about her relationship with Richard Burton.

Tim revealed to Vogue magazine: "She's been Elizabeth Taylor, very annoyingly, for several moths now. She has been reading lots of things, making notes, studying. She's like a scholar. You would think she was writing a biography."

The couple first met when director Tim cast Helena in his 2001 project Planet Of The Apes and have since worked on multiple projects together, including Charlie And The Chocolate Factor and Alice In Wonderland.

Tim admitted it wasn't always easy to live and work together. "We've survived, " he said." But it hasn't always been easy. Sweeney Todd was the worst; definitely, the worst. But then I found out she was pregnant with Nell, and it kind of all made sense.

"Alice In Wonderland was fine. Alice was good actually. I had a Nerf gun that I'd shoot her with every so often to get my tension out."

Meanwhile, 47-year-old Helena revealed she finds work is much easier after becoming a mum to son Billy, 10 and daughter Nell, five.

She said: "Work's the easy bit. I go to work now to have a rest. I dress up, I wait around, I snooze. I have a hot-water bottle with me at all times and whenever I feel a bit tired, I just put it on my solar plexus and I drift off.

"It's not my sole purpose so there's less pressure on it. Which, of course, means I do it better.

"But I also find that it's less important to me now whether I'm c*** or good. I use to be so self-critical it was painful. Now I think, 'OK, so I acted badly today. I'll try and act better tomorrow."


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