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Calls for Richard Gere to be guest of historic festival


An MP wants Richard Gere to be part of the festivities

An MP wants Richard Gere to be part of the festivities

An MP wants Richard Gere to be part of the festivities

Richard Gere should be the star guest at an historic festival in Nottinghamshire, according to MPs.

The Hollywood actor was name checked in the Commons as the most famous descendant of the Pilgrim Fathers, who first set sail for America.

Three of the first four signatories to the Mayflower Compact came from Bassetlaw and the neighbouring county of South Yorkshire.

The region is now preparing to mark 400 years since the Mayflower set sail to America in 1620.

Speaking during questions to the church commissioners, Bassetlaw MP John Mann invited Tory Dame Caroline Spelman to his local church in Scrooby, which will play a key part in the anniversary.

The Labour MP said: "She will be very welcome to re-tread the streets of Scrooby.

"And if she does, she might care to bring one of the many descendants of the Pilgrims with her, if she with her good contacts could arrange it.

"The most popular would probably be Mr Richard Gere."

Dame Caroline, the Church of England's representative in the Commons, responded: "Mr Speaker, if only."

She continued: "I know specifically what (Mr Mann) is looking for from the church commissioners is some assistance with the improvements to the facilities.

"The church hall does have facilities to make sure the event is a success, but perhaps if he encourages the church wardens to contact me or the church house, we can make sure the event is a great success - with or without a celebrity attendance."