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Calum Best admits turning to alcohol when father George died

Calum Best has told how he turned to alcohol when his father died, saying he "went drinking for a good three to four years".

The son of late football star George Best admitted he had ruined his reputation, health and career in the process.

Talking to ITV's Loose Women, Best explained: "It may sound weak to some, but it was my coping mechanism. I went drinking for a good three to four years, I ruined my health, ruined my career, ruined my reputation...".

The 35-year-old explained it was his mother, model Angie Best, who got him back on the straight and narrow.

"The thing is, what I've noticed is, as much as I'm trying to become comfortable in my own skin, my career is going well, my health is good... I'm on a really healthy path, which is really good for me, but I still have that demon inside me," he said.

His father fought a public battle with alcohol addiction over the years and passed away aged 59. Recognised as one of the greatest footballers of his time, Best said he was blessed and proud to be his son.

Talking about Alcoholics Anonymous and if he'd ever attended any meetings, Best said: "I remember I went to one and I couldn't really handle it. I feel now I've got a grip well enough that I'm good, but I know that when I drink, I drink heavy.

"I would say that I have something in me that I could (have a drink problem) if I wanted to."

He revealed he is currently single and had returned recently from the United States where he filmed a show for E! called Famously Single.

The Hollywood Reporter says the show sees him and other single celebrities moving into an LA loft together to try and get to the "root of their romantic problems".

He said of the show: "I had to really open up and talk to therapists about why I 'm single, what is wrong with me and there were a few nights that I drank too much and all of those old things came back."


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