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Camilla Kerslake: I have been verbally abused by rugby fans

Classical singer Camilla Kerslake said she has faced verbal abuse from disgruntled rugby fans walking past the home she shares with England skipper Chris Robshaw.

She said there have been times when she has "felt a bit trapped" in her own house - but she does not let the jibes get her down.

In an interview with Hello! Magazine, she said: "When you've nursed your mum through breast cancer, then experience the terrifying trauma of a breast cancer scare yourself, you can get through anything, including people shouting outside your window at 4am."

She added: "When you go out with a sportsman, it's part of the territory."

Kerslake, 27, told the magazine: "There have been times when I've felt a bit trapped in my own house.

"Just recently, because of the rugby, photographers have been waiting to capture a picture of me looking downcast. When they ask me to look sad, I give them a dazzling smile."

Robshaw sparked controversy when he rejected a late, potentially equalising penalty chance in favour of an attacking lineout when Wales won 28-25 at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup.

Kerslake said: "The team is behind him too and the fans have been incredible. The outpouring of support and love from them has been overwhelming. I want to thank the England fans for being so kind."

When asked how Robshaw is bearing up, she said: "As can be expected, unfortunately. It's a bit too close for him to talk about it yet, but when he's ready, he knows I'm here.

"We always have and always will be supportive of each other. The only way a good relationship works is through honesty, support and kindness."

Read the full article in Hello!, out now.


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