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Cannon needs to 'man up' for birth

Nick Cannon has confessed he is scared of Mariah Carey giving birth.

The 41-year-old singer is due to give birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and TV presenter Nick revealed hospitals make him queasy and he will probably faint when Mariah goes into labour.

Nick tweeted: "People are trying to give me advice for when that day comes. I'm trying to prepare but I get queasy in hospitals."

He went on: "I am probably going to faint in the delivery room! I need to man up!"

But the 30-year-old America's Got Talent presenter admitted it was his wife who would be doing all the hard work.

He added: "Or maybe I should say WOMAN UP since they are the ones that have to be the strongest in the whole ordeal! I am in awe of my wife!"


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