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Capaldi predicts Tucker's future

Peter Capaldi has predicted what might happen to Malcolm Tucker in the new series of The Thick Of It.

The actor plays the foul-mouthed Labour spin doctor in the political satire, which is back for a new series next year.

"I wasn't expecting to be part of it but I am. I'm fascinated to see how," said the actor, who next appears on screen in ITV1's adaptation of murder mystery The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher.

He predicted Tucker might flourish in opposition, saying: "People like Malcolm would be thinking long-term, they're not just thinking about this week, they're thinking about five years' time. They want to defeat this Government so that's what he'll be working on. His job will be the pursuit of the next election!"

The Thick Of It's creator Armando Iannucci is writing the next series at the moment, but much is likely to change before it is filmed and the actors are encouraged to improvise in order to give the show a natural, documentary feel.

Peter said the style was completely new to him.

"It was amazing when The Thick Of It came along because I didn't do that kind of thing, I never improvised.

"I deliberately didn't audition for anything which needed to be improvised, I wouldn't go near it... and I certainly never played dark, rage-filled characters, but that appears to be what I can do!" he said.


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