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Carol McGiffin would return to Loose Women if 'certain panellists' are removed

Presenter Carol McGiffin has said that she would be willing to return to Loose Women, but only if "certain panellists" were removed.

Her comment came in response to a question on Twitter as she thanked fans for their messages of support during a difficult time for her family.

McGiffin, 57, last month spoke to the media about the loss of her sister, Tracy, to cancer, months after completing breast cancer treatment herself.

In a post to the star on Tuesday night, @Susanclarkson10 said: "Chin up Carol I Loved U on Loose Women. Do u think u would ever go back? Hope u Don't mind me asking."

McGiffin replied shortly after: "Chin is up as far as it will go..... and yes, I would go back but only if certain panellist were let go."

However, while her followers speculated over who she was referring to, she did not specify.

McGiffin was a familiar face on the ITV chat show panel for 10 years from 2003-2013.

Last year she shared her disapproval of the show's decision to cast Katie Price, telling Woman magazine that creators were "desperate" for viewers.

Earlier on Tuesday night she posted: "Thank you all for such lovely messages, helped me a lot. Yeah loads of shit going on but will be fine. Hope you all are good too? xxx"

McGiffin told concerned followers that she could not yet explain in more detail, but later wrote: "What I'm trying to say is, there is so much shit going on with my family at the moment....just don't know how to deal with it. That's all. x"


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