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Carol set for 50th party marathon

Carol Vorderman has vowed to spend a year celebrating her 50th birthday - to make up for missing out on parties due to her Christmas Eve birth.

The former Countdown maths boffin, who reaches her half-century in December, said she plans to hold 50 parties scattered throughout the forthcoming 12 months.

Carol has also revealed to this week's Hello! magazine that she has split from her long-term partner.

The presenter said her 50th celebrations would involve "wing-walking", and a Mamma Mia!-themed party is already on the cards.

"I've decided to don a pair of dungarees and plaits," she said of the bash she hopes to hold in Portugal.

"I've never had a proper birthday party before, because nobody wants to come out and party on 24 December.

"They are all far too busy. So instead of just one bash, I've decided to have 50 parties throughout the year. I'm going to make up for every party I never had in the past."

She is already in training to look her best for the celebrations and wants to slim further before she gets a new frock.

"I'm working out five times a week and I want to get my waist back to a 24 before I allow myself into the shops to buy a party dress," she said.

Carol said she has fluctuated between size eight in her twenties - and after a detox diet in her 40s - but has been up to size 14.


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