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Carr: Beyonce's my dream guest

Alan Carr has revealed he would love to get Beyonce to sit on his Chatty Man sofa.

The funnyman, who beat Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross to be voted best chat show host at the National Television Awards, said the Drunk In Love singer would be his dream guest.

"Come on Beyonce, come on Chatty Man!" he said on the red carpet before the ceremony, adding they could both do the moves for Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

The 38-year-old host also revealed he would like to take his talk show to the US, but admitted his quirky outfits and mannerisms may be considered too unconventional by American audiences.

"I'd love to do America but I don't know whether someone who looks like me (could)... you know what I mean?" he said.

"Even the chat show hosts over there look a bit near the mark. Can you imagine with my voice and everything? I'd love to go do America. You never know, do you?"

Alan, who will embark on a new UK tour this year, counted Taylor Swift as one of his favourite guests on his Channel 4 programme.

"She's got a really good sense of humour," he said. "Normally, they (the celebrities) have a huge list of things they can't talk about, but Taylor just goes with it. I really like her."

He also joked about his pal Adele's upcoming third album, saying: " Listen, I've heard it. Personally I don't think punk suits her voice, and all the effing and jeffing."

He later added: "We're all waiting for her album, but you'll have to talk to her about it."


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