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CBB housemates forced to nominate candidates for eviction face-to-face

Celebrity Big Brother pulled another divisive twist on the housemates as they were forced to nominate each other face-to-face in a tense showdown.

The shocked contestants were told to say the names of two people they wished to be up for eviction, unaware that just a single nomination would put someone in jeopardy on Friday.

Their ranks were one short as viewers watched Angie Bowie say her goodbyes as she became the third person to quit the show.

Speaking to the Diary Room, she said: "They are all grand folk. I never imagined that the garden would be so small when it looks so big. You have to experience and live it to really get a grasp on something."

Bowie had been suffering from illness and left just days after friend David Gest, who was also unwell.

Gemma Collins remarked: "I think it's the right thing for you to do."

In the day's tasks, revelations and regrets spilled out as the housemates answered a series of yes or no questions about themselves, to which Danniella Westbrook and Christopher Maloney correctly predicted the majority of answers and won a takeaway for the house.

All the housemates seemed convinced they were deserving of the title celebrity as everyone stood on the yes square in the garden when asked: "Are you talented?"

Jeremy McConnell and Darren Day confessed they had worn the same pair of underwear twice in the house in the task, while Collins was the only housemate to reveal she thought her fellow contestants were jealous of her.

"In the house there are certain people bitching and moaning about me, so there has to be a hint of jealously," she said.

Asked "Do you have regrets about your time in the house?", Megan McKenna and John Partridge joined McConnell and Day on the yes square.

McConnell admitted: "I have no regrets in life. We're in a bubble in here. I regret getting a bit too involved (with Stephanie Davis)."

Despite his repentful sentiment, McConnell spoke to Davis - who has boyfriend Sam Reece outside the house - in the bedroom later and confessed he had "fallen in love" with her.

He said: "I just embrace being with you. You fall in love and have a connection with people, it's good to take it home and makes you stronger, it's something we're not going to do ever again.

"We're on Celebrity Big Brother. We'll look back at his and we fell in love on TV. Regardless what anyone says, that's what happened with me. Another chapter of my life. When I look at you I want to look at you more."

She replied: "Stop! You're gonna make me cry."

But their illicit relationship continued to cause problems in the house as Scotty T upset Davis by telling her the romance "pissed him off".

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 on weeknights at 9pm.


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