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CBB housemates 'ruin' Gemma Collins's birthday - to make it her best ever

Gemma Collins had a 35th birthday to remember in the Celebrity Big Brother house as she was both nominated for eviction and treated to party gifts that included 15 minutes playing with a Shetland pony called Tony.

The TOWIE star will be up for eviction on Tuesday alongside Stephanie Davis and Daniella Westbrook, who had received a "killer nomination" from Davis as a reward for not discussing nominations.

It was wretched start to Collins's birthday, which was only made worse as Big Brother set her fellow housemates a secret task to make her believe she was having the worst birthday ever in order to win a fantastic treat.

As a punishment for Davis eventually discussing nominations, the hot water was switched off for the day, leading Collins to complain, "They'll get me on the cameras looking pissed off and then show it. I'm going to sit in the toilet, I don't want to be on cameras, I want a shower."

Her bad day continued as Davis and Scotty T could be seen rushing to the hatch to drink two shots of brandy which had apparently been left for Collins.

Putting her Hollyoaks acting experience to good use, Davis exclaimed, "Oh shit, Gemma, that was your brandy and we just downed it."

"It's a pleasure for you guys to enjoy the fine taste of brandy," Collins replied wearily.

Taking the theme of destroying the day in their stride, John Partridge and Darren Day began a food fight in the store cupboard with the supplies to celebrate Collins's big day.

Tiffany Pollard then co-opted Collins's birthday speech for herself, wishing herself a happy birthday, to the chagrin of the reality star.

Day was called on again to sabotage events as he was told by Big Brother he must convince Collins he had been allowed to choose three songs to be played as a birthday treat and had picked three of his own odes.

"I knew those tracks would come back and bite me on the ass!" Day squirmed.

In the living area, Day told her, "I know it's been a shitty old day, so I've picked three songs for you, and picked all my songs, I think they are the best songs I've ever done."

But the twist backfired when Collins replied, "That is so kind of you," as Day serenaded the house.

The final chance to ruin her day was taken by Scotty T, who launched her birthday cake over the garden wall as the celebrities warbled happy birthday, to Collins's visible amazement.

With the task successfully complete, Big Brother revealed to a shocked Collins that she had won a coveted professional blow-dry, cards from her family and a boozy party.

Outside in the garden waited Tony the pony, who Collins and Westbrook frolicked with for their allotted 15 minutes.

"This birthday I will never forget!" cheered Collins.

Inside, Day and Partridge got into the party spirit in high-heels while Pollard and Scotty T stole some kisses in a corner.

But she moaned: "I gave all the signs, all the hints... He's a little boy, ain't a man, as a man would have jumped all over this!"

One contestant was not disappointed with the day though.

"It's been a mad day. It's been amazing, I'm really happy," concluded Collins.

:: Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm.


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