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Celeb BB stars in 'fake eviction'

The love drama inside the Celebrity Big Brother house has taken a new turn after Blue singer Lee Ryan and glamour model Casey Batchelor were sent to a secret bolt hole together in a "fake eviction".

The pair, who entered the house handcuffed to each other, had enjoyed a brief romance, kissing and cuddling each other under the covers of the bed they shared.

But they had a very public falling out after Lee cooled their relationship and set his sights on fellow housemate Jasmine Waltz, who he passionately kissed in tonight's episode.

Now Lee and Casey will spend 24 hours a day together in a secret annexe to the house where they can spy on their unsuspecting fellow contestants.

Stepping out of the house to loud boos and chants of "get Lee out", the pop star looked nervous and cringed as he greeted the public.

Despite being dubbed a "lothario", it was revealed that the 30-year-old had been left in tears after the full extent of his romancing was revealed.

Host Emma Willis told viewers: "Jasmine has told Casey that she has kissed Lee. Lee is not very happy and has been in floods of tears, so to say the atmosphere is tense in there is an understatement."

Viewers had earlier seen things heat up in the house after Casey confronted Lee over why he was ignoring her and flirting with Jasmine.

The glamour model said she felt she had been "reeled in" by Lee, who said he wanted to make a go of their relationship but quickly moved on to the US actress.

She went to the diary room where she sobbed as she said : "Obviously, me and Lee were really close and handcuffed together, but I didn't expect anything. I just feel like he reeled me in and mugged me off and is now making me out to be a crazy psycho.

"I've not done anything wrong. He is doing exactly the same thing he did with me to someone else when he was telling me the other day he really likes me and wants to see how it goes in the outside world."

But the two celebrities patched things up after having a heart to heart in the living room. However, the singer was soon back to flirting with Jasmine and shared a kiss with her in the kitchen.

Lee and Casey will return to the main house to deliver a bombshell on Friday.


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