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Celebrity endorsement for Labour

Ben Elton took a swipe at Myleene Klass over her criticism of Labour's mansion tax plans as he led a cast of celebrities at a party rally in Warrington.

The comedian told a 1,000-strong crowd at Parr Hall the popstar - who claimed the planned levy on homes worth more than £2 million would hit "little grannies" - had made her money "showering in a bikini" and should be "proud to make a contribution".

Elton, who distanced himself from the party under Tony Blair, told supporters he was "back with Labour".

He said: "It's no secret that I am now one of that wealthy minority. Me and Myleene Klass.

"I made my money cracking knob gags, she made her money showering in a bikini.

"We should both be proud to make our contribution."

Elton lashed out at the glitzy Black and White fundraising ball staged annually by the Conservatives to raise funds.

"Apparently we are the ones that sneer. Really? Have you seen the Black and White ball?

"Just a little bit of sneering going on I think."

Long-time Labour supporter Eddie Izzard said the party would offer a "fair chance for everyone".

Actress Sally Lindsay told the crowd "it makes me sick" that people are having to turn to foodbanks because they cannot afford to eat.

The former Coronation Street star backed Labour's plans to ban exploitative zero-hours contracts and called for a "decent minimum" wage.

"That's why I'm voting Labour, that's why I support Ed."


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