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Channel 5 announces 2% gender pay gap

The broadcaster has the smallest gap in gender pay.

Channel 5 has announced it has a median gender pay gap of 2%, the lowest of all the broadcasters.

The channel is the last to publish its compulsory report on gender pay.


Sky has announced it has a median gender pay gap of 17.5%, while ITV has disclosed a median gender pay gap of 11.9%.

Channel 4 revealed it has a gender pay gap of 24.2%, while ITN has a median gap of 18.2% and the BBC has a median gap of 9.3%.

Gender pay gap

The UK median gap is 18.4%.

Channel 5 has also revealed it has a mean gender pay gap of 2.9% in favour of women.

It is the only broadcaster to announce a mean pay gap that favours women.


It also has a median bonus gap of 40.3% in favour of women and a mean gender bonus gap of 21.3% in favour of men.

The corporation’s top two pay bands out of four have the same gender split, with both made up of 57% men and 43% women, the report shows.

The third band has 48% men compared to 52% women, while the fourth has 62.5% men and 37.5% women.

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